Emotional and Social Intelligence

The Ability to Manage OneSelf and the Capacity to relate to others.

Emotional and social intelligence has become a catchword over the last few years.  Studies found positive relationships between the ability to manage oneself and the quality of social interactions.

Survival and success in life depends on them to a great extent. Evidence from our schools indicates that students lack many of the emotional and social competencies needed for success and effective performance in the workplace. Lack of emotional competence such as self-awareness, self-regulation, self-confidence, self-knowledge, and motivation is evident in most cases. This is followed by a lack of social competence such as the capacity for empathy, effective listening and communication, social skills, maintaining relationship, valuing diversity, and resolving conflict.


 Students who have low emotional competencies, will have a problem that can have a significant impact on every type of social relationships!

They will be in trouble, as they do not understand how others feel. They argue very often and this arise from their inability to correctly express their emotions such as anger and hatred which gives rise to very complicated social situations. The result of their inability to regulate emotions and communication in day-to-day lives ultimately leads to negative feeling about self. Thus, development of social and emotional competence is important for personal and academic wellbeing, problem solving, interacting with others, regulating ones emotions and others. As a remedy for the development of the social and emotional competence, the happiness and well being centre will provide tailor made courses to build self-esteem, self-confidence, problem solving skills, decision making and also reach a broad range of youths enhancing peer support to promote healthy social and emotional development. Happiness and well being centre will play an important role in promoting social and emotional competence in the youths, by providing a platform for discussing emotions, where youths gain knowledge in expressing emotions appropriately. The centre will foster an environment that supports youths across multiple contexts, as desired, the centre will expand to acknowledge the importance of educating knowledgeable, responsible, and caring citizens.