Leadership of Self

 Leadership of Self can help a Person seek Fulfilment and Happiness

Leadership of self or self-leadership is a person’s unique ability to manage the self effectively and, through a process of self-empowerment, live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling because it is inspired by goals and outcomes that are driven by service to others.

In today’s complex, competitive and highly interdependent and interconnected world, it is important for young people to learn early on the value of self-leadership because without this ability, it is difficult for any person to lead his or her own life effectively, take care of their family or contribute to societal development. It is imperative that youths in school or university are taught this critical ability commonly known as leadership of self which include critical dimensions such as understanding the purpose of life, developing positive inner motivation, setting goals and cultivating right habits, developing self-awareness, understanding the value of time, cultivating emotional intelligence, and developing the power of positive speech.

Effective self-leadership empowers a person with the knowledge, understanding, and habits that he needs to achieve not only one’s life goals and outcomes but also helps the person to lead others through example.

 These traits are crucial for young people today!

 At the Wellbeing and Happiness Centre, RUB students and Bhutanese youth, in general, can avail resources – print and online, personal development programmes, advisory support services, research activities, immersion, and other opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skill in any of the eight areas identified below as the thematic focus of Self-Leadership.