Mindfulness and Awareness

 The World today is changing constantly and moving faster and it is becoming challenging for the younger generation

The world today is changing constantly and moving faster at greater pace everyday and it is becoming challenging for our younger generation to get a hold of things that that they see and already have. In the effort of trying to cope with the fast changing pace of the world, we are often stressed and tend to lose our sense of well-being. Throughout the generation, we have been looking for instant happiness. Although there is nothing wrong with looking for instant gratifications, the way we chase after happiness outside is only counterproductive and adds more stress and unhappiness in our lives. Happiness and well-being are dependent on an individual state of mind. Therefore, the key to happiness depends upon how healthy our mind is, whether in relationships with others or in relationships to achievements in our mundane life. Generally, we know what is good for us and what we need to do, but we are challenged with our own habitual patterns of life. It is the habit that obstructs us from doing what is right for us, and it is the habit of not being able to be in the present moment. As a result, our mind is distracted and scattered in different places, which is the direct cause of unhappiness.

 Happiness and Wellbeing Centre offers ways and means of finding peace and happiness

With this thematic area, the Happiness and Wellbeing Centre offers ways and means of finding peace and happiness in the midst of busy and stressful life through mindfulness and awareness practice. Befriending emotions will be a part of working with the mind. Emotions are not negative by nature, but they become negative when they are mixed with thought processes. Therefore, the centre will offer students with the opportunity to explore their innate feelings and emotions rather than looking at the object of emotions outside. Engaging in mindfulness practices will help our students cultivate their ability to be open to any kind of experiences, live in the present moment and take values guided actions. As a result, students’ productivity, creativity, spontaneity and reflective thinking skills are strengthened, enhancing overall wellbeing.