Working with Life Challenges

 Coming to a higher education institution can mean for students extra stress, personal struggles and career uncertainties.

 To address these issues, many educational institutions around the world offer counseling services for their students. Studies suggest that student can benefit from counselling to adjust and cope with new academic life, explore potential career path, and deal with personal and interpersonal problems. 


 Recently it has come to light that a counseling service at the Colleges of RUB could be a useful for individuals who struggle with the challenges and stresses that come with the new environments and expectations at a College. Therefore, counselling service unit was developed as one of the major area of focus under the Happiness & Wellbeing Centres.

 The counseling service unit is a safe place for the students facing difficulties and it provides opportunities

The counselling service unit is  a safe place for the students facing difficulties to seek refuge, and it will provide opportunities for the interested students to build skills, enhance insight, and grow resilience, which will all go towards preparing them for life. Some of the services the unit will cater are one-to-one counselling, career counselling, tele/ virtual counselling, group counselling, seminar on insight, and skill enhancement. The unit will also initiate tailor made group sessions on need-based themes such as ‘stress management’, ‘anger management’ ‘Goal setting and Time management’ ’Substance Use’ ‘Relatioship issues’ etc.